Sometimes, buying makes more sense than building

Evolve Digital is a products company that grew out of Evolve IS, an IT services consultancy here in Australia. We realized the information management solutions we were building for our clients over the past 10+ years represented common business needs, and could be packaged as products for a fraction of what it would cost to build each one as a bespoke solution.  

Information Management is our Passion. Helping organizations do it better is our pleasure 

Even before there was an Evolve Digital, we were developing bespoke applications for our Evolve IS projects. Good information management is about taking what’s complex and making it easy, and that’s what really gets us excited. Now organizations across a variety of sectors, including Government, Financial and Manufacturing, are using our Evolve Digital applications to improve their efficiency, lower risk and maintain compliance. 

What makes our products special 

All our applications are built on three core principles.It’s what allows them to bring about rapid, powerful change while remaining cost-effective.

Focused and Powerful

Each app does one thing, really well

Results are dramatic because they’re highly specific

Apps can be further tailored to your organisation

Easy Adoption

Simple to use

Attractive user interface

Quick to roll out

Built on SharePoint

Leverage your SharePoint investment

Native compatibility

Easy to integrate

Customers of all shape and sizes

Organizations across a variety of sectors including Government, Financial and Manufacturingare using our applications to improve their efficiency, lower risk and maintain compliance.

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