Hey folks, welcome to the Evolve blogosphere!

We’re going to be sharing articles–both our own and other people’s–about what we’re most passionate about: knowledge management, document control and life in the cloud in general.

We’ve just launched our flagship product, eControl, so of course we’re interested in attracting as much traffic as we can to our website. But mostly it’s about bringing a community of people together and hopefully getting some conversation started on topics that we’re all excited about. There are some keen minds out there (we’ve met them, in the public and among our partners and customers) and good things can only come of sharing knowledge.

To start with, most of our blog posts will be curated articles; stuff other people have written we think is clever or interesting enough to be shared. Of course, we’ll be crediting the authors and linking back to the source, so if you know of any interesting articles–including ones you may have written yourself–don’t hesitate to drop us a line at blog@evolve-digital.com.au.

We’ll also regularly feature posts from our leadership team. Because they know a lot, and help us pay our bills.

So without further ado, let’s get started!