Document Compliance and Control Made Easy

eControl lets organizations of all sizes manage their controlled documents through a single, easy to use portal. Meet your compliance requirements and automate the publication, review and administration of your most critical information–such as policies, procedures and forms.



eControl Value

eControl delivers on ISO 9001 requirements, including reporting features that streamline auditing and a classification system that makes finding the right document easy.

Authorship is managed across the whole document lifecycle, with automated approval processes and scheduled reviews that ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Feedback on specific documents can even be gathered from employees in the field, so authors can make sure the content stays current and relevant.

eControl streamlines the administration of controlled documents using role-based permissions, dashboards for document owners and authors, and a system for tracking printed copies so you know who needs to receive new versions when an update is made.


Delivers on ISO 9001 document control requirements

Full reporting for easy audits

Policy acceptance auditing


Publication and review workflows

Gather feedback from the field

Owner/author dashboards

Track issued hard and soft copies for re-issue


Policies and procedures are easy to find and access

Painless adoption, no training

Simple, intuitive user interface

We Understand the Challengesof the Document Lifecycle

The most important part of managing controlled documents is their lifecycle. Sometimes it’s short and sweet; sometimes it’s a long and winding road. eControl makes management easy–from creation through to feedback, review, publishing and even issued hardcopies. 

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Compliance and Control Made Easy.


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Find the Right People, Maintain Compliance, Stay Up to Date

eCert is an employee certification and qualification management system that lets you find the right people for the job, maintain compliance and keep your trained staff up to date.


eCert Value

Assemble project teams with the optimal certifications, ensure the staff at each of your locations has the right training, and identify candidates for new qualifications.

Maintain crucial industry certifications and licenses, meet health and safety standards and keep audits streamlined by staying ahead of requirements.

eCert gives managers a simplified, visual dashboard that shows employee photos, certification badges, their location and any related policies that are up for renewal.

Now it’s simple for managers to keep staff up to date on what they need to do to stay certified, as well as the responsibilities and procedures associated with their training

Finding the right people for the job

Assemble project teams with optimal qualifications

Ensure your staff at each location has the right training

Find people to qualify for new certifications

Maintaining compliance

Maintain Industry certifications and licenses

Meet health and safety standards, including internal inspectors

Streamline audits by staying ahead of requirements

Keeping your staff up to date

What they need to do to stay certified

Responsibilities and procedures associated with their training

Manager’s dashboard for finding and communicating with trained staff

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Find the Right People, Maintain Compliance, Stay Up to Date.


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Manage What You’ve Got, Where It Is, And Who Has It

eVentory manages your organization’s inventory and library assets, from the largest machinery to the smallest operations manuals.


eVentory Value

Staff can reserve and acquire the vehicles or equipment they need, while management gets a top-down view of what’s being used, how often and where.

Plan projects to align with the availability of local resources, and manage inventory levels according to frequency of use. Approval processes can even be applied to the most valuable assets for added control.

eVentory can be used to track and distribute internal resources as well, such as promotional materials and staff giveaways, and acts as a check-out system to manage your library of hardcopy assets like training and operations manuals.

Inventory and library distribution

Reserve and acquire company machinery and vehicles

Library check-out for hardcopy assets (training and operational manuals, etc.)

Distribution of internal resources (ex: marketing material, staff giveaways)

Locating assets in the field

Locate critical inventory and the staff who are using it

Plan projects to align with the availability of local resources

Managing inventory

Approval processes for high-value assets

Manage inventory levels based on frequency of use

Create custom asset libraries to accommodate new equipment

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Manage What You Have; Manage What You Own, What You’ve Got, Where it Is, Who Has It, What You’ve Got and Where It Is, Make What You’ve Got Work for You.


Customers of all shape and sizes

Organizations across a variety of sectors including Government, Financial and Manufacturingare using our applications to improve their efficiency, lower risk and maintain compliance.

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